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Discussing a quote.

"They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."
-Carl W. Buechner

Most of us, in fact all of us will coincide with what this quote says and sends is correct. One's memory is not so able to grip every single word which was spoken and we as humans-most of us do not have the mental capacity to recite long speeches or words which have been spoken to us. It is very difficult for most to remember what their mother, friend, or any other aquantance has told them word for word. Wether it be a compliment or a let down.

However, we will always feel the jolt, pang, or even surge of emotions which fell upon us from a dramatic moment, look, and maybe gesture even after years which a certain event has happened.

What would cause people to cling to those emotions for so long; or remember them after seeming to have forgotten all about them? Was it the choice of words? The order each word was aligned in? The emotional status or social status of whoever spoke or did that action/statement? All of the above? Or does it depend on the person who was being told or witnessing these things? Perhaps they were in a vulnerable state? Perchance it is none of the about.

In my personal opinion I believe that it has everything to do with how preceptive the listener was to those words. If he/she was not paying attention, perhaps some words snapped and gripped their attention right away, making him or her be 'smacked' if you will with these harsh, happy, or calm words that triggered whatever emotion that was experienced.

Jolts. An example would be apparent if we were to look at how media sells. When one is watching television, his or her heartbeat becomes extremely slow since the body is not moving, simply sitting there, jaw slacked and arms resting in whatever manner. When an ad comes on, lets say there's always peope speaking in enthusiastic voices or images flashing really fast. What you are left with when you leave the television is random shots or a couple of words that are in your head now. Implanted, living there. There is no CTRL+Z there is no back button.

It is what you interpreted, it's how you interpreted it. That's what shapes your emotions and that's what you'll always remember. Your interpretation and emotion. It's how everytjing was presented.
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