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Politically Incorrect but True


Kill Hippies!

I'll try to make this as simple as possible to understand.

First off the biggest charity donators to the U.S. government are drug companies, now think of one illegal drug that you can't somehow find in prescription medication. Now let's think for a moment, drug companies must have a ton of this shit but where does the surplus go when foreign drug prices are just to high? American drug dealers! now dealers sell to dealers who sell to dealers who sell to dealers who sell to WHO? HIPPIES!!!! Hippies fund the dealer who pays the dealer who pays the dealer who pays the drug companies who pay the government to keep drugs illegal so that the drug dealers can keep their jobs.

Not to mention that the dealers also pay foreign terrorists organizations (most of whose main profit is drug trafficking) for drugs to have them shipped in, then they blame the U.S. for doing drugs and being materialistic happy (Good for the ignorant america but hey guess what, you still live in a cave or in poverty, we don't) so the terrorsits attack us.

Now Drug companies also claim medications to be "an art not an exact science" and this reason is because they keep putting unnescacary "TEST-WORTHY" drugs into our anti-depressants and other medications and give them to our kids.

No other country in the world does this but America! We give prozac to kids when it has been outlawed in almost all other countries, Riddilin as well which has meth in it! {I know I didn't spell riddilin right, Eat shit.}

These kids get lowly addicted to it and turn into WHAT!?


So 2 things we could do, kill children or kill hippies.

Personally I like kids so I would advise against the first one but hey if you want to start a rally for killing babies give me an address and a time and i'll support your cause all the way, plus i'm tired of this pro-abortion, anti-abortion bullshit. One of my idols said before me "Why not start my own party? The Regressive party, one of the issues will be on abortions, we will be anti-abortion but for killing babies and everyone is happy."

But back onto the subject, what about disease? You claimed you knew how to cure disease in your LJ cut text.

Well this is sort of a maybe yes, maybe no answer. once again back to hippie organizations like P.E.T.A , Greenpeace, the Oprah Winfrey Book Club, should all be bombed. I say we should start immediatley testing on the cutest animals possible, like Kittens, Puppies, Ferrets, everything that is cute except Panda Bears because Pandas fucking rule!

I swear to God if 10 years from now people find out that dog slober or the lining on a kittens intestines cures Cancer, Aids, Ugliness, etc. i'm going to be fucking pissed but hopefully by that time we will realize that hippies serve no purpose but bring us back down to a shitty state of everything and only blame everyone else but themselves for being shitty people.

NEWS FLASH! Maybe if you spent your money on smart things instead of getting high all the time you might amount to something besides a stoned-ass, brain-dead, piece of shit.

The amount of money i've seen people spend on drugs is fucking retarded, then they bitch and whine about not having a car, then blame America for all their problems when they are the ones that have created it.

I mean it might have been cool back in the 70's but welcome to the next generation, you're not going to get hired at anywhere but Big Lots or White Castle with 4 pounds of pot in your system.

So heed my advice people, stop letting hippies live!

If you see a hippie in the street feel compelled to shoot it on site with no remorse, because remember, Hippies are not people!

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