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hey smart people
im a pretty smart person when it comes to like science and math, but that whole english thing isn't working for me.
therefore, i need your help.

i am working on a poetry analysis for english class, and since im so smart and all, i do not understand my poem. if someone looked at it, they'd probably laugh at me because it seems like a fairly easy poem.

anyway, i wanted to know if anyone here could help me analyze it. the poem is called "Bond and Free" by Robert Frost.

Bond and Free
By: Robert Frost

Love has earth to which she clings
With hills and circling arms about—
Wall within wall to shut fear out.
But Thought has need of no such things,
For Thought has a pair of dauntless wings.

On snow and sand and turf, I see
Where Love has left a printed trace
With straining in the world's embrace.
And such is Love and glad to be.
But Thought has shaken his ankles free.

Thought cleaves the interstellar gloom
And sits in Sirius' disc all night,
Till day makes him retrace his flight,
With smell of burning on every plume,
Back past the sun to an earthly room.

His gains in heaven are what they are.
Yet some say Love by being thrall
And simply staying possesses all
In several beauty that Thought fares far
To find fused in another star.

ok, if you've read this far, then thank you. please please please comment and i will be forever thankful.

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I read it and it seems like its a poem saying that imagination allows you to go to the stars but that it gets pulled back to earth. And that they get to keep what they saw while flying to figure out how to do it on earth.

I don't understand the love part.