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Oh yay!

Well hi. I don't really know how smart I actually am, but I'm weird and random enough to imply that right? It's always the geniuses that are ostracized.

So I will post a poem called "Daisy Tomorrow" based on The Great Gatsby by F.Scott

Lilting promises in hushed speaking voices,
They declare bright days of light,
Of wilting watered passions,
Passed down by barriers,
And sheltered with passe.

Like sparkling champagne bubbles,
Toasted to brittle beaming and confusion,
With hundreds in attendance,
Leaving few to care,
To seek someone different, unique,
Someone to spend one night with, taken.

All for possession, of want and pride,
Separated in the hands of the next best thing,
Crushed orchids and crushing defeat,
In redemption for being too late,
Because in the greatest spectrum of emotion,
You can be neither extreme.

We all love, in the way they love,
We regret, in morality,
To know that love is little and continually fleeting,
Leaving sacrifice in the wake,
And always regret.
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