Call it what you want (thought_crime05) wrote in smartchildren,
Call it what you want

am i the idiot?

today some dude, who says he has a degree in biomedical engineering yet has worked in a "bead store" for 11yrs, tried to tell me that politics/economics is completely unrelated to the laws of thermodynamics.

he was like "do you really believe that they're connected?"

am i the idiot, because i believe they are?
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Can you elaborate on what is your take on how they are related?
i would love to, however it is a bit detailed.

to clarify, i think that thermo is more applicable, directly, to economics. however, since so much of politics involves managing the economy i couldn't help drawing that connection.

basically, i'll assume you're aware that thermodynamics is the study of energy.

what i will argue, is that money is another form of energy. by energy, i mean the potential to do work. you see, for example, an oil company will extract a natural resource from the earth, and sell it for money. in the eyes of the oil company, the oil has turned into money. that money allows the ceo of the oil company to dry clean his suit. that is, the money is used by the dry cleaner to pay for all the energy that went into dry cleaning the suit (labor, equipment, electricity, etc).

Now, the dry cleaner can use the leftover money, his profit, to go buy gas for his car. the money has now been exchanged for natural resources.

in that very simplified explanation, it should be evident that money is another converted form of energy in that it enables people to do work.

as such, the laws of thermodynamics should apply where money is involved (IE economics, politics)

from my understanding, and admittedly i am no economist, the laws of economics should submit to, as opposed to overrule, the laws of thermodynamics. i imagine, economists think their policies can circumvent the laws of nature...which i believe to be an error.

basically, the USA's capitalist republic is a 1st law system which fails to consider the implications of the 2nd law. if people were more aware of this...things would change.

maybe ill post more later...if you sick of this for now...i talk about it too much

well, isn't everything connected in some way?
indeed, which is why the guy is a bonehead for disagreeing. at the same time, that's why i chose not to get too involved in the argument with him...if he couldn't see what you carefully pointed out.
power to you.